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Dog Sledding Mongolia

Winter in Mongolia

Situated in high latitudes and high elevations, Mongolia is far from the moderating influences of the ocean. Consequently, it experiences a pronounced continental climate with very cold winters. Heavy snow occurs mainly in the mountain regions but fierce blizzards sweep across plains and steppes. Temperature can fall as low as -40 °C in January in capital, making it the coldest capital of the world. Elsewhere in mountains it can drop even as low as -50 ° C. However, Mongolia is accessible to everywhere during winter, free from tourist crowds. With right clothing and good preparation, it may turn to your dream trip. So don’t let yourself put off by cold, head into the wilderness on jeep tour, on a dog slide ride, on horses or camels, stay in toasty warm Gers, eat meat based traditional meals, have some vodka to confront cold and discover unique festivals held during winter. Spectacular winter wonders await you during low season.
Winter Valley
Winter Sunset
Nomad Guy
Camel Race
Winter Forest
Discover wonders of mighty winter in national parks located close to Ulaanbaatar. Winter in Mongolia might sound intimidating with over minus 20°C but you can comfortably enjoy outdoors (dog sledding on frozen river through icy valleys) when clothed properly and having whole country all to ourselevs seems pretty sweet.
4 days

Winter National Parks

Explore frozen wonderlands on our winter tour pacakage. The reward for enduring the extreme winter conditions is being witness to a landscape transformed by snow and ice and nomads with thousand of herds seemingly unaffacted by this harsh conditions. Viewing wildlife is most spectacular in winter time.
6 days

Winter Package

Celebrate Mongolia’s mighty winter on ancient frozen lake. The Ice Festival is one of the main attractive winter festivals which offers unique chance to sense and explore the fascinating and mysterious corner of the world during frozen winter in North of Mongolia.
7 days
guaranteed tour

Ice Festival

The Golden Eagle festival is annual traditional festival held during first week weekend in October. Mongolia offers a rare glimpse into an ancient nomadic culture that has changed little over the centuries.
7 days
guaranteed tour

Eagle Festival

Tsagaan Sar is one of the most important holidays and celebrated within immediate and extended family members. Tsagaan Sar is marking first day of spring according to Lunar Calendar, celebrating the end of hard winter.
8 days
guaranteed tour

Tsagaan sar Festival

Winter comes alive on this guided-tour featuring serene landscapes, winter activities.
8 days

Gobi Desert in Winter

The thousand camel festival, held in Gobi Desert, is a celebration of the endangered two-humped camel (Bactrian camel) and the role it plays in the lives of Gobi’s nomads. The festival attracts foreign and local travelers, culture lovers and adventure seekers in glittering frozen winter land
10 days
guaranteed tour

Camel Festival

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